Karina Raquel

I was blessed with the gift to help others move past obstacles that block their growth.
Sometimes its emotional, sometimes it is a loss of a loved one and letting go, sometimes it is DNA that needs to be cleared energetically. I am able to see each individuals pain or past trauma and help them clear it allowing individuals to create the life they want.

I am a third generation gifted with the ability to read Tarot and see energy. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant  and have the ability to communicate spiritually with those who have passed. Born in the Ukraine I was a very young child when my gifts became apparent. I did not start working professionally until many years later. Thanks to the internet I have clients worldwide. I appreciate, love and respect every person who steps into my life. Everyone has a story and a situation they are dealing with. I am here to help them along their journey and do so without judgment. It is about healing the past and moving forward. I am honored to assist in that process.

When my client’s work with me they tell me I am 98% accurate. Sometimes I see things that are coming in the future and my clients will disagree with me. A few months later my phone will ring to let me know that although they insisted I was wrong, it turns out I was right. Of course, there is free-will and choices that will affect every outcome. My desire is to help my clients make the best choices for their path and live true to their core purpose.

“We are here to help each other make the most of our journey.”